Our Approach

Crescendo Consultants are committed to Best Practice in terms of Quality, Speed, Client / Candidate Communication, in-depth Research as well as Candidate Evaluation. While identifying a future employee for your organization, we understand that ticking the boxes is simply not enough. We deep dive into the culture and competencies of your company to understand the people at heart. All Crescendo consultants use this successful approach to each assignment. Yet, each of us works with you in the most agile way to meet with your unique needs.
Our four–phase approach provides a flexible, yet simple format for achieving this objective.

Phase 1  – Strategy Development:
We begin with a position profile for your company. We understand your organization culture, the position’s responsibilities and necessary qualifications to gain agreement amongst all stakeholders to the specific profile to be targeted. Once we have developed a position profile, we map, identify, refine our search strategy, including target sectors and companies.
Phase 2 – Candidate Identification:
Utilizing both active and passive sourcing techniques, we contact, meet and assess all potential candidates to discuss the role and gauge their interest. We build a strong talent pool that meets your selection criteria, contacting each individual, reviewing resumes against the job specification(s), interviewing candidates and selecting the top 3-4 for your interviewing and vetting process. This is accompanied by a confidential candidate assessment report prepared by our consultants, thus highlighting you only interested and high potential candidates.
Phase 3 – Candidate Selection:
In this phase, we consult with you to review top candidates and support the selection process. We provide the resources and procedures for Reference and Background checks, ensuring that they are completed sensitively. We assist you in structuring the compensation package and also guide the candidates through the employment offer.  We also keep in touch with high-potential, runner up candidates thereby creating a talent community from which to draw future hires.
Phase 4 – Candidate On-boarding:
After you have made your decision, getting your new hire engaged is the primary focus. We remain in constant communication during the notice period of the new hire. We coordinate and oversee all on-boarding details from documentation to orientation and technology, assuring that your new employee makes a smooth transition into your organization.