Search Methodology

Search Metholodogy

Crescendo recruitment consultants combine years of experience, domain knowledge and industry know–how to craft your unique search strategies. Crescendo offers retained and contingent search strategies across our specialty industries and functions.

Retained Search

Crescendo offers retained search strategy for senior leadership and executive positions. We charge a retainer (up–front fee) to perform a specific assignment for you. Our recruitment consultants partner with you to understand which C–suite talent aligns with your vision and culture.

Contingent Search

Crescendo helps you build a team of talented professionals through its contingency search strategy. Under this search strategy we charge a fee upon the successful completion of a general assignment, typically when you on–board a candidate.

Our 4 Phase Proprietary Methodology

1. Strategy Development

Crescendo engages with you to understand your organization culture, responsibilities and essential qualifications for the targeted profile to develop a tailored search strategy.

2. Candidate Identification

Crescendo interviews high–potential candidates and selects the top 3 or 4. An assessment report, highlighting only interested and high–potential candidates, is provided for your recruitment process.

3. Candidate Selection

Crescendo consults with you to review top candidates. We provide assistance with resources, procedures for reference and background checks, structuring the compensation package and guidance of candidates through the employment offer.

4. Candidate On–boarding

Crescendo coordinates and oversees all on–boarding processes to ensure that your new employee makes a smooth transition into your organization. We maintain communication during the notice period of the offered candidate to keep them engaged.

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