3 Skills You Need to Evolve Yourself in Your Field

By  :  Raghav Choudhary

A lot of people think that high achievers i.e. people who go on to become successful have something special. But this is never the case at all. There is no silver bullet that makes someone naturally better than another. Granted some people discover their aptitude early on in life, and some will always be better at you. But these individuals go through the same process of self-discovery and rigorous practice. Likewise, evolving yourself to be the next, better version of yourself in your field demands the same.

Some of us are carved seemingly at birth with a natural aptitude which makes us ideally suited for a specific role. This may sound a little unfair, but that does not mean the vast majority cannot manifest that same aptitude. If you invest time to learn and experiment with knowledge you can, as matter of fact, build up a niche skill set that is just as good as that natural aptitude. Everyone possesses their own unique set of talents, and life is journey of discovering those talents.

There are a handful of useful skills successful professionals make use of, but certain qualities stand out more than others. Here are such 3 qualities you can develop within yourself to evolve yourself to excel in your field.

  1. Excellence

If you need to evolve yourself and discover your potential you need to relentlessly adhere to high standards. When you strive for the best you sharpen your skills and develop specialized expertise. Excellence is not a game of comparing ourselves to others, although it does help push you to greater heights. To realize your true potential you need to get into the habit of comparing yourself with what you were yesterday, a week ago or a month ago. You need to get good at pushing yourself to get better whether someone is there to push or incite you.

  1. Grit

If you need to evolve yourself you need to develop a very keen sense of preserving in your craft. This means developing a sense of perspective in polishing yourself at each and every turn by confronting challenges. Perseverance is a sense of going forward despite difficulties, picking yourself up when sh*t hits the fan. People who develop a sense of pushing forward go on to establish a lot depth in their personal and professional lives. To develop grit you throw yourself to the wolves here and there, and struggle as much as possible to come back alive. Now this is no easy feat!

  1. Expertise

If you read news these days you may get the impression that people or businesses are successful overnight, but this is not the case at all. Those people and businesses who suddenly steal the spotlight put in back-breaking effort before catching a break. Expertise takes many years to develop and usually does not reveal itself until you reach a certain threshold. And if it makes you feel any better, this is that one skill that never comes about naturally. It takes years to become an expert, and you need to be willing to devote yourself to the task just as you would to a cause.

If you really want to know if you are truly serious about what you doing now then consider if you have been working hard to produce excellence work; facing challenges head-on to grow and develop yourself and applying yourself to your field as you would to a cause. It is also imperative that you think about your dreams and goals, then ask yourself whether they align with what you are doing now.

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