AI Changing the Trends in Talent Acquisition

AI Changing the Trends in Talent Acquisition

By  :  Raghav Choudhary

AI Changing the Trends in Talent AcquisitionTechnology break-through in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Voice Recognition (VR), Deep Learning and cutting-edge fields have sparked a debate whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) will eventually replace recruiters in the short- or long- term. As this debate rages on Recruitment businesses around the world are embracing AI to automate recruiting processes. At the very least, the introduction of AI-driven systems has seen wide-scale adoption.

Innovative technology advancements in Recruitment industry have received favourable reviews as businesses are keen to utilize AI to take the effort out from tedious tasks. In this regard, it is clear that leveraging AI to automate processes allows recruiters to focus on what actually makes money i.e. talking to candidates and making placements. Despite this rosy picture the adoption of AI is still at an early stage due one reason or another.

Businesses are mulling the impact AI will have in the long-term. Fears of the potential of AI making recruiters redundant to a certain extent is real. Some businesses have gone so far as painting AI as a threat, assuming that it will make humans obsolete. But the truth is, there is only so much an intelligent agent can do unless AI evolves to the point of self-awareness. At this point in time, AI is no substitute for recruiters, an inherently human profession.

Still Questioning the Importance of AI? Here is a List of Advantages That AI is providing in the Recruitment Process:

  • The privilege of interacting with the computer on human terms is a welcome paradigm shift from the earlier communications which achieved the same feat by entering syntax-specific commands or clicking icons. Conversational interface tapping NLP and VR allows a user to tell the computer what to do easily.
  • The significant reduction in the operational burden by automating low-level tasks and providing better information for decision making.
  • Automated selection tools can align personality-based assessments and gamified tests which can further ease the life of a recruiter by providing useful insights on candidate-job match.
  • The latest software and technology consisting of CRM and Google Analytics is what is needed to understand the statistics related to the trends, demand, and supply of talent acquisition thus giving efficient insights for decision making purposes.
  • Businesses that are trying to push for more tech-driven actions in a unique position because it opens up far more opportunities, to build a brand because it brings a whole new definition to human connection and employer branding.
  • Sourcing and screening the right candidate for the right job and at the right time has become a business imperative by reducing the gap and creating at the point action possible. AI provides insights into a candidate and helps a recruiter make a data-driven (objective) decision.
  • Smart tools and software help to understand the direction thus spotting the opportunities and converting the right information into beneficial decisions based upon talent acquisition became possible.

Data is evolving beyond metrics like employee engagement and retention rates. Now data is everywhere. To embrace it and use it to get better results and drive productivity and efficiency for teams is the need for the hour taken care by AI. Are you ready to incorporate AI into your recruitment activities? Comment below and visit our blog for trending AI opinion from our expert editors.

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