How You Can Work with Recruitment Consultants Effectively

How You Can Work with Your Recruitment Consultant Effectively

By  :  Raghav Choudhary

How You Can Work with Recruitment Consultants EffectivelyAll great relationships are built on a solid foundation of communication, trust and respect. In order to work effectively with a recruitment consultant, you need to communicate with them effectively and establish trust. Having a great relationship with your recruitment consultant can save you from a lot of grief when you are looking out.

Since you will be working with recruitment consultants as you grow in your career it is imperative you understand how to work with them effectively. Working with our consultants effectively entails understanding their expectations and furnishing necessary details. Crescendo recruitment consultants are the go to people if you want to have a feel of the Indian job market in terms of available opportunities, CV and interview advice, and market compensation rates.

Your Telephonic Interview with a Consultant

This is an initial discussion with a consultant held prior to a telephonic round with your future employer. This conversation is very important to you because it is an opportunity to make a great impression on your future employer’s representative. Whatever impression you make on your recruitment consultant determines whether you will be fielded for the prospective role or not.

Advice #1 – Do convey your career goals, interests and plans as it will help your recruitment consultant frame an appropriate offer tailored just for you.

The discussion usually starts with your consultant describing in detail your future employer: their business, geographical presence, offerings, work culture and expectations. Your consultant will also furnish details about the prospective role they have as well as relevant roles they might have in case of your reservations.

Advice #2 – Do listen carefully to what your consultant has to say about your future employer along with the gamut of role requirements, responsibility and other expectations. It is important to speak out and convey how you feel about your future role and organisation.

As the discussion delves into the prospective role your consultant will seek to understand you more. You will be asked about your motivation for changing jobs, career outlook, current and previous project experiences based off your CV. The conversation may encompass relocation, travelling, compensation and any pertinent personal information relating to your work life.

Advice #3Do some soul searching to reaffirm why you are really looking out as this will save both parties headaches further in the process. You should highlight projects you have done, how your personality and skills in your current and previous roles add value to the prospective role.

Some job seekers assume that since the consultant has gone through their CV they have all the information. Unfortunately, CVs are an inadequate source of information because they fail to highlight crucial aspects that can be used to sell you better for the role. Qualitative aspects like communication, attitude and personality are crucial for further interview rounds. These aspects cannot be assessed by going through a CV alone.

Advice #4 – Do keep an open-mind to opportunities, suggestions and ideas while staying true to your career interests and goals. You should allow the consultant to call the shots sometimes. The best way to get on the good side of a recruitment consultant is to simply allow them to do their job. Remember, a conversation with a recruitment consultant is a golden chance to learn about available job opportunities, job market insights and negotiate competitive Cost to Company.

A call with a recruitment consultant either ends with a dreamy job offer or losing out due to one or two reasons. Maybe you bungled an interview with your future employer or your interviewer was just a jerk. Either way, you have lost a great opportunity and you are fuming over it. Never lose your composure when things go south. This leaves us with the last advice…

Advice #5 – Do thank the consultant for their time and inform them you will be interested in prospective roles related to your interests, skills and career outlook. You should be courteous enough to leave the door open for future opportunities.

It is important to adopt a long term perspective about your career. Working with a recruitment consultant and keeping relationships warm will benefit you eventually, even if you do not land a job immediately. Whether you end up landing a job today is not as important as establishing a relationship which opens a door of opportunities for you.

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