The Growing Wave of Social in Recruitment

The Growing Wave of Social in Recruitment

By  :  Raghav Choudhary

The Growing Wave of Social in RecruitmentThe recruitment industry has been growing at a double digit rate over the last few years in India. This growth is attributed to several trends in India. First, the growing complexity of workflow processes poses a skills gap which has led companies to avail the help of specialist recruiters. Today, companies realize that they are defined by the calibre of people they attract into their organisations. Thus, talent is the next level of maintaining an edge over competition.

Talent management, employee engagement and strategic talent acquisition are playing a crucial role in all organisations today. With everyone fighting wars to attract the best talent, organisations are now focusing on delivering unparalleled experience to candidates during and after the recruitment process. With so much competition for scarce talent, buyers are deploying technology to give themselves an edge over competition.

Technology has become a crucial tool in finding vital information about prospective candidates and advertising why that prospective candidate would like to work with an organisation. The new age of recruitment tools is about hiring quality candidates through digital with the help of predictive talent analytics. In light of the proliferation of social media in our lives, it is not surprising why the new frontier of talent wars and employer branding are going social.

According to People Matters, 72% of Indian recruitment firms list online professional networks as the most effective means of promoting their business. According to LinkedIn’s Annual Recruitment Trends survey, the use of data for talent acquisition is one of the highest in India. As we move forward, data driven decisions from social media platforms enabled by technology will grow into a core aspect of talent acquitision.

The advent of strategic talent acquisition spilling over to social media has made companies reconsider their investment in digital. According to a Career Glider study back in 2010, 78% of recruiters were using LinkedIn to find candidates. 5 years later that figure has rose to 95%. Recruitment firms and companies realize that social media represents a massive pool of passive talent. This pool of talent is fertile for reaping if the right attitude and investment is adopted.

Much like technology, the recruitment process is constantly evolving. Data generated by social media is closely being looked at while evaluating candidates. As talent organisations strive to build competitive advantage through talent, the focus of talent acquisition and employer branding through social is likely to increase. Social media will continue to be a vital component of the HR industry in the coming years.

To what extent do you think social media will play a vital role in talent acquisition and employer branding in the coming years?

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