Why Google for Jobs Is a Total Game Changer for Recruiters

Why Google for Jobs Is a Total Game Changer for Recruiters?

By  :  Raghav Choudhary

Why Google for Jobs Is a Total Game Changer for RecruitersWhat is Google to you? Your supermarket, Encyclopaedia, Travel Guide, Translator or Personal assistant? Google has emerged as a super level multi-tasking tool of all sorts in this digital age. It is perhaps even more amazing to recall how the Google search engine has changed life as we know it; you ask and an intelligence machine provides it. This has been a fundamental identity and mission of Google.

Google now an Alphabet Inc. subsidiary appears to be driven more by the quest for impossible perfection i.e. to ensure that you can virtually search for anything. Google is augmenting search with Artificial Intelligence to build an even more advanced search service that integrates with other technologies. More importantly, Google aims to deliver exactly what the user is looking for every time.

Google has been a dominant leader in search for the past decade and their search service has become the de-facto platform for browsing anything on the internet. The Search giant’s acquisition of YouTube a few years back even cemented that position as Google discovered that video is the future. In November 2016, the company recently unveiled its new Google for Jobs feature, designed to connect job seekers with the right jobs and companies.

What is Google for Jobs?

Google for Jobs is a platform built on the Google Cloud Jobs API, released in November 2016 according to Google Cloud. According to Google, the API “uses Machine Learning to understand how job titles and skills relate to one another and what job content, location, and seniority are the closest match to a jobseeker’s preferences.” The API can be purchased by companies to assist them engage better candidates on their job portals and websites.

Though still early, Google has seen promising results. The next step was to ease the search process for job seekers, which brings us to Google for Jobs. Google for Jobs is a platform that combines the Cloud Jobs API with its powerful search engine features and puts it in the hands of job seekers. To do this, Google partnered with job recruitment giants like Careerbuilder, Monster, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and many more.

How does it function?

Google’s new search presents a more practical and efficient approach to the job hunting for job seekers. By working with major job sites like Monster and Careerbuilder, Google allows users to see job listings from these sites and others as soon as they are posted, while eliminating any duplicates. Ultimately, Google is determined to crack the code on matching available jobs with the right candidates, CEO Sundar Pichai remarked, “The challenge of connecting job seekers to better information on job availability is like many search challenges we have solved in the past”

One of the biggest obstacles is the incompatibility between industrial and organizational job titles and keywords used in job descriptions. Google visions to solve this issue with its new search feature. Pichai added that “we worked hard to include jobs across experience and wage levels, including jobs that have traditionally been much harder to search and classify. Think retail jobs, hospitality jobs, et cetera.”

Because a hospitality job can include anything from front desk agent to security, Google uses its AI and extensive filters to supply job seekers with the most relevant results.

How Is It Affecting You?

Google recognized that hunting talent and hiring is not easy on employers either. Google has recently opened up the new jobs feature to developers and site owners which host job boards.

Google’s official blog listed the following benefits to employers:

  • Prominent place in Search results: your job postings are eligible to be displayed in the in the new job search feature on Google, featuring your logo, reviews, ratings and job details.
  • More, motivated applicants: job seekers can filter by various criteria like location or job title, meaning you are more likely to get applicants who are looking exactly for that job.
  • Increased chances of discovery and conversion: job seekers will have a new avenue to interact with your postings and click through to your site.

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