You are the Transformative Force in Building a Vibrant Organisational Culture

You are the Transformative Force in Building a Vibrant Organisational Culture

By  :  Raghav Choudhary

You are the Transformative Force in Building a Vibrant Organisational CultureIn this dynamic, technology-driven environment problems are always evolving and so are the solutions. It is apparent that competitive advantage is not sustainable in the long term. What is heralded as a brilliant solution today can be shunned as scant tomorrow. This begs the question what then is the surest way of sustaining your competitive edge? All of a sudden, it is no longer a strange coincidence that the most successful organisations have a vibrant organisational culture.

Organisational culture is perhaps one of the most understated issues in the corporate world. A lot is said about it but most leaders hardly devote enough time and effort to build it. A lot of organisations encourage accomplishing the easy things while passing a blind eye on the hard ones: culture and values. Great organisations are what they are not so much because of the values they stand for, but because they imbibe their values all the way.

In an exclusive interview with People Matters, Doug Lipp, a distinguished business consultant explains that “…Unless we continually strive to improve our products, service or leadership style, we automatically concede defeat to competition, no one is ever too good to stop improving.” Therein lies a crucial aspect of building a competitive edge in the long term. Doug Lipp underscores an important ingredient in building a vibrant organisation culture.

Leadership style, how the leadership of an organisation lives, breathes and reflects certain values has a heavy bearing on culture. Leadership style is responsible for setting the work environment. In turn, the work environment plays a pivotal role in building team dynamics, attracting and retaining talent. A culture that seeks to keep employees engaged helps bolster the bottom line of the organisation. Engaged employees stay longer and strive to perform harder which increases productivity.

In light of the crucial contribution of leadership style, fostering leadership excellence becomes crucial. Leaders should be foremost in embracing and upholding values to the best of their ability. But in reality any leader can attest to the fact that basing your entire being on ideals is borderline impossible. Building a vibrant culture is a challenging undertaking which a few leaders are willing to devote themselves to. But this is not a valid reason to abandon any efforts directed towards that goal.

When all is said and done, consistency of words and actions by leadership is what makes a difference. A vibrant culture having a set of values and clear priorities reinforced by leaders who walk the talk is a source of transformative change. The transformative force in this drama is that leader who takes responsibility and leads by example to inspire his subordinates. A leader who recognizes pain points and does not complain, but takes action inspires a vibrant culture. That leader is none other than you.

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