Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Crescendo provides you with deep market knowledge and insights about human capital developments in your industry. We utilize market intelligence to design a search strategy tailor made for your talent needs. Our consultants provide you with information on feasible skills, competitive compensation and other relevant details with regards to the advertised position. Crescendo believes in empowering you with expert knowledge to enable you place the right candidate in the right job.

Benefits of Our Market Intelligence

Crescendo consultants look beyond the obvious to understand the impetus driving your industry. They analyse your competitive landscape and blend it with bespoke talent solutions to strengthen your strategic agility.

Actionable Advice – Our recruitment consultants leverage extensive knowledge from recruiting for functional leadership to advice you on what works – and more importantly what does not.

Holistic Integration – Our market intelligence solutions are integrated and turn-key, focusing on direction, alignment and commitment.

Strategy Alignment – Our intelligence solutions align your talent strategy to your vision, culture and business strategy by accelerating strategy execution and driving growth.

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