Talent Solutions

Crescendo offers a host of experience—driven talent solutions; a holistic approach that links talent at all levels to performance and execution to create great leaders and exceptional results. Our consultants develop your potential employee at all levels faster through robust talent solutions by aligning talent development with organizational strategy — so the right people with the right skills in the right positions drive your business forward.

Comprehensive Talent Development

Crescendo brings comprehensive talent development knowledge and insights in your specific industry and domain.

1. Executive Search

2. Leadership Hiring

3. Leadership Development (LD) program

4. Team Effectiveness Reviews (TRE)

5. On–boarding

Talent Acquisition, Assessment & Selection

Talent Solutions

The flow chart above depicts our Talent Acquisition process.

Regardless of industry, size or specialisation, the greatest asset your organisation has is its people. As such, the task of finding, selecting and retaining the best people is paramount to your organization’s performance as well as achieving strategic objectives. With insufficient candidates in some disciplines and an oversupply in others, how does your organisation go about recruiting and finally retaining the very best candidates?

Our 3 Phase Assessment

Here are three robust processes through which our talent solutions offerings help your organisation. Our talent solutions assess, select and keep the brightest people, thereby strengthening your capability and reducing staff turnover.

Assessment Centres

Using an Assessment Centre will improve your chances of selecting candidates who will be high performing, long-serving employees. There are many other benefits to be gained by adopting an objective, robust approach to assessing competencies, potential and alignment of all applicants for a position.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing has become a powerful tool and a proven method of delivering considerable value in recruitment. Psychometric testing ensures talent managers and executives select candidates based not only on their skills and experience, but also on their cultural fit and potential for growth.

Interview Skills Training

The cost of hiring the wrong talent hampers operational excellence, growth and negatively impacts on your brand reputation. Hiring the right talent is crucial to your continued recognition, excellence and growth.

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