Analytics & Digital


In a world where consumers tweet complaints on online public forums, shops and express brand preferences on social media platforms, excellence in Analytics has become critical for enhancing customer experience. Successful businesses realize the need to take bold steps to evolve their strategies by taking advantage of Analytics to deliver compelling customer experiences.

Our expert consultants recruit across the following specialist practices – Risk Analytics, Card & Fraud Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Digital Analytics, Retail & CPG Analytics, Telecom Analytics, Data Modellers & Scientists, Big Data & Machine Learning, Quant and Risk Management.


Traditional companies must grasp the challenge of making their organizations truly tech-savvy and competing with fledgling businesses born of the digital age, that have grown up with digital at the heart of their operations. The overarching shift towards assimilating digital transformation by businesses underscores how critical technology has become for sustaining excellence and strategy.

Crescendo recruits across the following specialist practices – Cognitive Computing, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Intelligence, Neural Networks, Cyber Risk and Cloud Computing.


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